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dimecres, 4 de juny de 2008

La hipocresia demòcrata

Par a l'amic Pau, que estima Obama:
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are putting on a good show when they claim to be fighting for the poor and against the big corporations. But it is just a show. Nothing but smoke and mirrors. We know, because the both Sentors yesterday voted to override the president´s veto on the new farm bill.

So now when American farmers profit from the highest food prices in a generation, they get another $307 billion dollar in subsidies over the next five years - most of it to the large agribusinesses. (Around 80 percent of the money go to the 20 percent richest.)

The next time Obama or Clinton give a fancy speech about people vs profits, remember that they create more misery and poverty in poor countries, ruin the hopes for freer trade in the Doha Round and hurt American taxpayers when they suffer the most from a bad economy and rising prices, just because the two candidates find it in their interest to give billions to the richest.

(John McCain opposed the evil bill, unlike most Republicans. The Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell even got subsidies for the racehorse industry in his native Kentucky into the bill.)