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dijous, 23 de febrer de 2012

Els alarmistes climàtics filtren un document fals per desacreditar l'escèptic Heartland Institute

Un fanàtic de l'escalfament global, el científic Peter Gleick, ha confessat haver utilitzat un nom fals per obtenir documents del climàticament escèptic Institut Heartland. Com que amb els documents autèntics no podia provocar cap escàndol greu, en va falsificar un. D'aquesta manera, va aconseguir escandalitzar uns quants escandalitzables, com The New York Times, The Guardian o El Mundo.

Real Clear Politics / Robert Tracinski:
...this fraud self-consciously tries to recreate every aspect of the Climategate scandal, projecting those elements onto the climate skeptics. Climategate had: a) an insider who leaked information, b) private admissions of unscientific practices, like misrepresenting the data to "hide the decline" in global temperatures, and c) discussions of attempts to suppress opposing views. Further scandals that followed on from Climategate included one more element: d) using material from non-scientists in activist groups to pad out scientific reports for the UN.

The fake Heartland memo tried to re-create all of this. It was posted to the Web by someone who called himself "Heartland Insider." It contains admissions of things like opposing the teaching of science. It includes discussion of attempts to exclude global warming alarmists from the media, particularly an attempt to oust a fellow named Peter Gleick, described in the memo as a "high profile climate scientist," from his Forbes blog, because "This influential audience has usually been reliably anti-climate and it is important to keep opposing voices out." And it describes a program to hire a "paid team of writers" to "undermine the official United Nation's [sic] IPCC reports." So this has all of the elements of Climategate, but in mirror image.

But it is all a lie. It took bloggers mere days to spot the document as a fake and less than a week to find the person who posted it and the other Heartland documents. He turns out to be...Peter Gleick, a climate scientist who is president of the left-leaning Pacific Institute. It's actually kind of pathetic, when you think about it. What gave Gleick away was the little touch of self-aggrandizement, the fact that he couldn't resist over-inflating the significance of his Forbes blog. In his own mind, clearly, he is the one man whose bold opposition keeps the Heartland leadership awake at nights.

So the "leaker" wasn't an insider, Heartland has not been exposed as anti-science, and it is not conspiring to silence opposing voices. In fact, days before the documents were posted, Heartland had asked Gleick to participate in a debate, and he refused the invitation. Oh, and those "paid writers" who were supposed to "undermine" the UN climate reports? They were actually a team of distinguished scientists who were compiling their own independent climate research.

After he was caught, Gleick confessed, but he's still trying the "modified limited hangout": confess to a small crime in the hope that this will mollify investigators and they won't dig up evidence of your big crime. So Gleick has confessed to obtaining the genuine Heartland documents through deceptive means. (He called Heartland posing as a member of the institute's board and talked a gullible junior staffer into sending him the handouts for an upcoming board meeting.) But he still maintains that the fake "confidential strategy memo" was sent to him by an anonymous source, and that he only obtained the Heartland documents in an attempt to verify the memo.

Ridículament, els mitjans que s'han empassat la mentida treuen pit en un intent de fer-nos creure que han posat al descobert el suposat gran secret del finançament de les escèptics climàtics. Ho endevinen? Endevinen qui finança els escèptics climàtics? Les dolentes petroleres i altres diabòliques corporacions! Qui ho diria!
Los documentos incluyen el presupuesto y la lista de donantes del Heartland Institute, que incluye empresas farmacéuticas y petroleras. Así por ejemplo, Exxon donó 675.000 dólares en total hasta 2006, y después nada. Industrias Koch sólo ha aportado 25.000 dólares en los últimos diez años.

En total, el Heartland gastó en 2011 un total de 6,5 millones de dólares, lo cual puede parecer mucho hasta que se pone en perspectiva. Así, por ejemplo, Al Gore afirmó haber gastado 300 millones de dólares en publicidad por el alarmismo climático. Greenpeace tiene un presupuesto anual de 310 millones y Sierra Club de 100 millones.