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Després de 13 anys d'escriure en aquest bloc pràcticament sense interrumpció, avui el dono per clausurat. Això no vol dir que m'hagi jubilat de la xarxa, sinó que he passat el relleu a un altra bloc que segueix la mateixa línia del Nihil Obstat. Es tracta del bloc The Catalan Analyst i del compte de Twitter del mateix nom: @CatalanAnalyst Us recomano que els seguiu.

Moltes gràcies a tots per haver-me seguit amb tanta fidelitat durant tots aquests anys.

dimecres, 22 de març de 2006

La notícia que no serà notícia

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf i George Bush a la Casa BlancaEllen Johnson Sirleaf, la primera dona que ocupa la presidència d’un país africà, s’ha reunit amb el president dels Estats Units, George W. Bush, al despatx oval per agraïr-li el suport dels Estats Units a la transció democràtica a Libèria i per a expressar-li la seva convicció que el seu país serà “la història d’èxit dels Estats Units a l’Àfrica”.
Mr. President, as I mentioned to you, on behalf of the Liberian people, I would like to thank you -- thank you, thank your administration, thank the American people, thank the U.S. Congress, for all the support that our country has received in making this important transition from war to peace.
Our people have new hope, they have new promise in the future as a result of the strong position you took that enabled us to get this opportunity for national renewal. We have taken the necessary first steps to restoring dignity to our people, starting to fix our economy, to get our international credibility and reputation back. And we're confident that Liberian people are ready to do what it takes. They're back at work; our country is open for business. We're beginning to put in all the processes that will enable us to manage our resources that God has been so good to us in giving us, for the good of our people.
We want you to know that Liberia is going to do all it can to justify the confidence that you have given to us. Liberia, we think, has the potential to become the U.S. success story in Africa. We'll be working within our own borders; we'll be working with our neighboring states to bring peace, stability and development to our sub-region; we'll be working with our African leaders to ensure that the example we set on this transition will be one that can fuse many of our -- many of our other countries and other people in Africa.
As the first democratic-elected woman, I represent the expectations and aspirations of women in Liberia, in Africa, and I dare say, the world. And I must be able to deliver for them. My performance must justify.
Again, I just want to thank you for the encouragement and the support that you have given us, to enable us to meet these enormous challenges of development.