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dimecres, 7 de febrer de 2007

L'Operació Bagdad ha començat

Seguiu el desenvolupament de l'operació a Iraq the Model:

Dia 6

Minutes after nighttime curfew began in Baghdad at 9 pm we saw breaking news on al-Hurra and al-Jazeera saying that Baghdad's security operation has just started.

The news says the first operation is currently underway in Azamiyah in the northeastern part of the city.
However, it looks quiet here at the moment, except for a sudden increase in activity in the skies with US jet fighters patrolling over the northern parts of Baghdad.

We're now only a few kilometers far from Azamiyah, so if there's going to be some action, we'll certainly hear-or see-it, and we'll keep you updated.
Dia 7

Last night continued to be quiet for the most part and nothing indicated that the operation in Azamiyah faced resistance.

I woke up late this morning and again it was very quiet. I asked Mohammed if there was anything going on and the answer was negative.
An hour later two of our friends came by and asked if we'd like to go out for lunch, and off we went.
We drove for about half an hour across eastern Baghdad and there was nothing unusual; just the same checkpoints we've been seeing for the past week or so and traffic was more than normal more or less.

I got a bit curious and turned on the radio in the car to see if I was missing something but there was absolutely no news about any significant incidents or operations.
The interesting thing I heard-not on the radio- was what one of my friends told me about is what he saw earlier this morning; he had some work to do in Kazimiya across the river and since many of the bridges were closed to traffic he couldn't reach his destination first but then he heard that the bridge between Adhamiya and Kazimiyah was open and he headed that way, he said "The streets were open. There are some checkpoints but it didn't look like a big operation like the one we heard of last night was going on over there!"