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dissabte, 12 de novembre de 2005

El Multiculturalisme i el suïcidi d'Europa

Via Ayaan Hirsi Ali he accedit a aquest article de Robert W. Tracinski. La resta de l'article el trobareu clicant el titular d'aquesta anotació.
On November 9, 1938, the Nazi government launched a vicious pogrom in which thousand of Jews were rounded up and sent to concentration camps, while bands of young Nazi thugs smashed the windows of Jewish homes and shops. Kristallnacht—the "Night of Broken Glass"—sent through the world a premonition of the dark and murderous future that lay ahead for Europe.

Over the past week and half, almost exactly 67 years later, another band of young thugs has taken to the streets in an orgy of brute violence, complete with racially and religiously motivated killings. But there is a strange difference.

Then, the violence was directed against a hated racial and religious minority, in the name of the native majority. Today, it is racial and religious immigrant minority that is initiating a terror campaign against the native majority.

Europe never learned the real lesson of the evils of Nazism. Rather than reject the deepest premises of the Nazis, they have inverted them into a new form, so that Europe no longer seeks to liquidate its racial minorities—but instead empowers those minorities to carry out the self-liquidation of Europe.

The standard view of Nazism is that the root of the Nazi atrocities was an excess of certainty and selfishness, which gave the Nazis the confidence to impose their interests by force. In reality, even a cursory examination of Nazi propaganda shows us the opposite. Rather than advocating of rational certainty, the Nazis were dogmatic subjectivists--Hermann Goering famously declared that "two plus two makes five if the Fuhrer wills it"—which inspired their hatred of the mind and their worship of brute force. (An Italian Fascist would declare that "when I hear the word 'culture,' I release the safety catch on my revolver.") And as for self-interest, the Nazis were thoroughgoing collectivists, who held that the interests of the individual must be ruthlessly sacrificed to the interests of the race. Hitler declared "Du bist nichts, dein Volk ist alles"—"you are nothing, your race is everything."

But what happens if you think—as do most academics and those in the mainstream political left—that certainty and selfishness were the fundamental vices of the Nazis? You will be ready to accept any of the real fundamentals of Nazism—so long as they are cast in a more skeptical, self-deprecating form.

That is precisely what Europe has done. The Europeans have accepted ideas that derive directly from Nazism—both in their philosophical fundamentals and in their historical pedigree—but in a more "politically correct" version.

The ideology of these altruist Nazis is Multiculturalism.
ADDENDA.- "Les RG ont recensé 70 000 cas de violences urbaines depuis janvier" / Le Monde.